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How We Supported Change 4 Charities To Be a Charity But In A Different Way


The Overview:


Change 4 Charities is a Woo-Commerce website that promotes the Purchase and Investment in Three different Package Deals. Purchase of any Product Donates to Customer’s chosen Charity on their behalf.

  • Broadband Deals: At purchase any Broadband Package as per your location availability and donate to your chosen charity.

  • Energy Deals: Switch your deals to a Cheaper Gas and Electricity Deal using our simple online price comparison tool.

  • Mobile Deals: We help you find the Best Deals that allow you to find the perfect Smart-phone or a Service that gives you near-Unlimited Data Download.

Svaapta IT Ally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Successfully supported Change 4 Charities, a UK based Website through a Year and more. We are not a Charity, just a Business that likes to run Differently.



  • Change 4 Charities started in 2017. They needed the functionality to be reliable and dynamic, for product purchase and charity donation.

  • They needed a Woo-Commerce, user friendly and an In-Budget website for their Business.

  • Being an online business, We need to add products and its data at one time which were more than 50,000 per deal.

  • Also to add charities, it’s data, and it’s related functionalities, we had to keep connected each and every deal at the same time while making purchase.


1 year


WordPress, Core PHP, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML



Change 4 Charities


Our Approach:


    • Onboarding: We analyzed both the business and the Change 4 Charities website in depth. All websites are different even when on the same platform. Being organized, Working in a Team and Systematic Methodology helped us to be able to spend less time developing solutions to new problems as well as providing more timely and effective fixes for the issues as they cropped up.


    • Working Methodology: We knew that the problem were to add products and packages which was in huge bulk, also the task was suppose to be done within time limit. To overcome this, we opted to make a custom Plugin with name – ‘Schedule Data Feed’ that could be used to add bulk products and packages with their respective data, also helped in database and product management.
      • Bulk Product Upload
      • Custom Development of Plugins
      • Custom Functionality Development
      • Data Management
      • Product Management
      • Maintain and Sync Development and Live site
      • Applied improvements
      • Third Party System Integration
      • Payment Gateway Integration
      • Extension Research and Integration
      • Maintaining Server
      • Customizations to website
      • 24 Hours Responsive Communication
      • Support in case of emergency



  • Flexible Cost Model: We provided a flexible service through allowing Change 4 Charities to select a pricing model to suit their needs.

  • Flexible Timing & Emergency Support: When required, our team had worked in local UK hours and also at weekends to meet important business milestones.

The Results:

• Change 4 Charities is now an online Website which is not a Charity, but provides donation for charities that we support buy purchasing any package or product.
• Svaapta IT Ally has continued to manage their web development and support from the very early stages of the company’s life through the high growth phase.
• We were flexible to their needs and worked within their varying cost restraints, agreeing there to provide additional assistance if and when necessary to meet business priorities.

Case Studies