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The information flow in Right Direction + Keep everyone in one loop = Effective Project Management

See How We Fortify Project Communication At Each Stage

We at Svaapta believe that communication is the base to build up trust that is required to form a strong and healthy business relationship, be it with clients, teammates, and partners. With that being said, we establish a high-level of communication plan that includes effective listening to the client’s requirements, turning ideas into action, and foster the relationship.

  • Project Analysis

    We carefully listen and understand the client’s project requirements. After having a thorough understanding via calls, emails, personal meetings, we move ahead for the initial development. An SRS document is shared to the clients along with the development team involved for analysis, research, fact findings, design flow for a better understanding of the requirements and scope.

  • Project Kick Off Meeting

    After a successful agreement between the two partners/parties, we schedule kick-off meetings to discuss project deliverables, project procedure, timeline, resource billing, payment terms and procedures. This is where our Sr. Business Analyst would arrange meetings between the clients and the dedicated Project manager/Project Coordinator and Team Lead who will be driving the project ahead.

  • Clear, Correct & Concise Information

    From day 1, our Team Lead or Project Manager/Project Coordinator maintains the clarity, conciseness, and correctness of the information and conversation exchanged with the client through our Inhouse Project Tracking and Project management system.

  • Single Point of Contact

    To avoid complexities and confusions, we maintain a single point of communication and ensure clear and effective interaction. The data and information are centralized and easily accessed. However, in certain cases, a client can contact any individual team member to handle any specific issues.

  • Multiple Communication Channels

    Communication is the key for every project driving. We practice various communication channels like Skype, WhatsApp, email, call, GTM, Teamwork, Jira, Slack, etc. with all national and international clients. We encourage live meetings, conference calls, messaging, emails, so that we build trust and can deliver the correct solutions. Both verbal and written communication methods are adopted as and when required.

  • Project Workflow Accessibility

    Maintaining history and record of each project that we take up is very important. Each and every detail of the project is clearly and concisely stored in the Shared folders or project communication tools like Jira so that everyone can access and all those who are involved can be on the same page.

  • Modern Project Management Tools

    Our management team – Project Manager, Team Leaders, Development Team along with the client uses latest and modern project management tools like Jira, GitLab, to increase the work efficiency and accessibility among all who are involved.

  • Proactive & Upfront

    All days are not alike and especially in project management it is not not roses. We all phase challenges and problems during the development phase, but our team is proactive and upfront & immediately informs the Project Managers or Coordinators and clients. Our aim is to find a solution to the problems, rather than hiding and moving away from the problems.

  • Weekly/ Fortnightly Reviews

    It is the right for every client to ask and know what is going and what the team is doing. We respect and take regular reviews of the work we do to maintain quality. As per agreements/convenience, we share daily/weekly/fortnightly reports, arrange weekly/fortnightly calls so that the all are on the same page and can track project status.

  • Complete Documentation

    We make sure our every chat/email/calls are preserved for present and future communications. We use SuiteCRM for preserving all documents, discussions, meetings, etc in this so that we track every stage and can refer anything if we miss. All documents are filed and kept safe with us.

  • Privacy & Security

    We know and understand that project details and client information are extremely sensitive. All of our Svaapta Team members are bound to keep such details within the office and violating or breaching any privacy policy contract.

  • Status Reports

    Each response and feedback shared by the client is very much precious to us. After each successful development phase, we gather feedback and responses that they share with us and changes if required in between.

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