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Integrated End-To-End Project Development Process

Right from Startups to B2B and to B2E, IT provides multiple projects, which includes Apps, websites, bug fixing, etc. To deliver 100% that tooo with quality requires proper approach, fine team, and a best leader. Great things are not achieved by an instinct, but through an adaptive approach. So, we at Svaapta, consider this as our thumb rule and offer this integrated Agile Approach. Here are the steps that we follow to meet our quality product.

Progress 1

Sketching Your Idea

Our expert Business Analysts begins their work process, once we get confirmation from the client to do business with us. After meetings and requirement gathering from the clients, we design and sketch the idea and agree upon on an idea.

Progress 1

Analysis And Prototyping

After the proposal approval of the project, we then advance into the pre-engeering process. This is the phase where we look into the comprehensive analysis, build and concept a strategy, and technical specifications with a resource plan. The prototyping helps us to formulate the right platforms and structure.

Progress 1

Design: UI And UX

This phase is of key importance to us as the first impression is the last impression. And have a few seconds to catch customers' attention, we need to be perfect. We aim and want that your customers have the best digital experience, so we focus on delivering the best UX/UI experiences.

Progress 1

Development And Implementation

With the use of project management tools like Jira, Gitlab, we make the development process easy and simple. Our experienced and skilled developers, then matches the right technology to deliver the perfect solution. The primes/Leads/Managers/Coordinators update and coordinate with the client on-on-one and the developers assigned daily update the status to optimize the code.

Progress 1

Beta Testing And Quality Assurance

This is the exciting part, where you see your website/app being brought to life. Our whole developed plan is put into action and is tested vigorously. Each module of the project is meticulously tested and undergoes mutiple testing phase on various environments and scenarious to ensure best results.

Progress 1

Deployment And Final Launch.

Get ready to see your finished masterpiece! After all of the testing has been completed and after incremental quality assurance, our experts deploy the end product on respective app stores and web browsers, assuring the passing of the fickle approval process and the standards of the online stores. This is the phase where you see the finished product. After all testing is finished and after multiple rounds of Quality Assurance, our experts deploy this final product on web stores, web browsers.

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